Announcing Little Mermaid Musical Auditions for High School Students

Posted January 11, 2022

Audition dates for Boca Christian’s high school spring musical, The Little
Mermaid, are January 19, 20, and 21, from 3-5 pm in the Chapel. Final
performances dates are April 28-30, 2022. Any BRCS high schooler not
planning to enroll in a spring sport is welcome to audition. If you audition
and get a role, you are committing to attend your role’s
rehearsals/meetings and to memorizing your role’s lines and songs
(independently) by the deadlines set by the directors.

There is a limit to the number of cast members that we can have in the
show. Not all who audition may be cast in this year’s production.

1. Be prompt.
2. Clear schedule conflicts with the directors AHEAD OF TIME.
3. Come prepared with a 30-60-second monologue from any appropriate
show or movie except The Little Mermaid. If you don’t come with your
own, you’ll be given one.
4. Come prepared to sing a 30-60 second song from any musical except
The Little Mermaid. Bring an accompaniment track on your own phone,
or sing a capella. If you don’t come with your own song, sing “Happy
5. Wear shoes that you’re comfortable moving in. You may be asked to
read from the script and be taught basic choreography.
6. You may be assigned a “callback” song to prepare for the third audition
7. There are several parts in this show for students who have specific dance
experience, such as tap. But the dance portion of the audition is mostly to
see which students can follow instructions and move comfortably.

1. Get to know this show, not the animated film. You will score much
higher in auditions if you are familiar with the stage adaptation of The
Little Mermaid. For the link to watch, please email [email protected]
2. Listen to the songs over and over before auditions.
3. Watch as many different productions of this show as you can.
4. Practice your monologue and song over and over so you can perform it
with expression and without stumbling. Memorize both if possible.
5. We want to hear what your voice is like AND how you perform, so
choose a song that shows your strengths.
6. When reading lines from the script, glance at your line before it comes,
so you can look up and interact with other characters.

1. On the third day of auditions, all auditioning students will report to
auditions, and many students will have received “callbacks” for specific
2. Called-back students will be given one musical excerpt for each role.
(Sheet music, demo tracks, and accompaniment-only tracks will be
made available for practice).
3. Each called-back student will be asked to perform their excerpt with
the accompaniment track.
4. Memorization is not required.
5. Some of these callbacks are ensembles and will be performed in
groups. You will need to demonstrate the ability to learn multiple voice
parts (soprano, alto, etc.) and perform any or all of them with other
students singing other parts around you.

NEW FOR 2022
a) Those students who are called back for the roles of Sebastian, Ariel,
and Ursula will be required to prepare an entire song for the
b) Students called back for the aforementioned three roles will need to be
ready to sing any excerpt within this song.
c) The selected songs will not be announced until the first day of
auditions, so wise students will get a head start and learn those
character’s songs (memorization is not required.)
Know that you may not get the part you want, but you can 100% trust
that the Lord knew what would be best. He’s in control. Please bathe
our production in prayer from beginning to end!

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