Announcing the 2020 Broadway Musical Hint Number 4 (Posted July 10, 2019)

Posted July 7, 2019

Here is your 4th hint for the title of the next BRCS High School musical, opening May 7, 2020.

Sorry, it’s been nearly two weeks since our last hint, so let’s narrow things down.

Hint number four:

It’s a relatively new show. Let’s get you to finding titles now.

This year’s show is based on the work of a famous story teller. Our show is based on the work/s of one of the following authors*:

Hans Christian Anderson


Kenneth Grahame


Rudyard Kipling

*Musical detectives, if you’ve done your research up to this point, this clue should actually bring you to three specific shows, all with the same musical writing team.

Previous hints below:



Hint number three: (posted June 28)

Sherman and Sherman


Vogt and Friedman


Stiles and Drewe

(If this confuses you, please review the previous two hints, which are below.)

Hint number two (From June  22): you’ll have the best luck looking at writing teams from our shows from the last 5 years only, and you can eliminate Rodgers and Hammerstein.

First hint (from June 13): One of the things Mrs. Lisa Clark does behind the scenes in the course of preparing for our show is that she orders a sign that we display on NW 4th Avenue. That sign of course includes the show’s title, but it also has other important information, like ticket prices and show times, as well as show credits. Though we WILL NOT be repeating a show on the list below, our 2020 spring production WILL have a familiar writing team on the new sign that we hang this coming spring.

History of shows at Boca Raton Christian High School:

2003       Godspell (Original Version)

2004       Bye Bye Birdie

2005       You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

2006       The Music Man

2007       Oklahoma!

2008       Beauty and the Beast

2009       Cinderella (Original Version)

2010       Once upon a Mattress

2011       Brigadoon

2012       Little Women

2013       Godspell (2012 Version)

2014       Annie

2015       Beauty and the Beast

2016       Anne of Green Gables (Vogt and Friedman edition)

2017       Fiddler on the Roof

2018       Cinderella (Broadway Version)

2019       Mary Poppins

Eric deWeber, Fine Arts Director

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