Faculty & Staff

Our faculty is made up of experienced educators who have a love for children and a passion for teaching. We invite you to read their biographies and discover their outstanding qualifications.


Alexandra Andreazza Secondary STEAM Education
Charlene Ayotte MS & HS French Teacher
Tawnda Barker Grades 6th & 7th Bible Teacher
Cathy Barnes Secondary Math
Gregory Bryant Secondary Science Teacher
Osmilda Bueno K3 Teacher
Rebeca Cedano MS SS/US History/6 Gr. Spanish
Jennifer Colanzi Kindergarten/1st Music Teacher
Terry Davis Art Instructor
Joy Deak STEAM K-5/Enrichment Teacher
Kim Dolson First Grade Teacher
Trent Emenecker Assistant Athletic Director
Vanessa Folkers K4 Teacher
Nancy Free First Grade Teacher
Andrea Furtado Third Grade Teacher
Margarita Garlobo Spanish Teacher
Seth Gesin High School Bible Teacher
Rebecca Gesin Second Grade Teacher
Carolina Gonzalez MS STEAM Education/MS English
Josh Good Physical Education Teacher
Eve Good Fourth Grade Teacher
Luiza Goundry Fifth Grade Teacher
Deborah Guerich K4
Elia Guldan AP English/HS Bible Counseling
Caris Hage Physical Education Teacher
Janice Hindle Third Grade Teacher
Omayra Kincaid Kindergarten Teacher
Holly Lindquist Second Grade Teacher
Hedley Linton HS Supervisor/Unity Coord.
Debra Mangold Kindergarten Teacher
Jaclyn McKay Media Specialist
Beth Meurs STEAM and Communications
Norman Mockler High School Bible Teacher
Margaret Mockler Educational Learning Therapist
Jessica Orue Fourth Grade Teacher
Angela Pelletier HS Math Teacher
Jeane Pompeu Elementary & Secondary Music
Kristin Quezada High School Science Teacher
Cecilia Quinn Dual Enrollment Instructor
Callie Richards High School English Teacher
Lori Riter High School Guidance Counselor
Joshua Robinson Chaplain, Bible/Philos Teacher
Paula Rossi Fifth Grade Teacher
Giselle Sanoja MS and HS Drama
Raquel Santos Second Grade Teacher
Clay Shiver Soc. Studies/Football Coach
Susan Stemper High School Math Teacher
Robbin Swad English/World Lit Teacher
Franci VanZwieten 1st Grade Teacher
Eva Veloz Elem/MS Spanish/7 Gr. Science
Silvia Villalobos Secondary Math
Melisa Villalobos Second Grade Teacher
Ruth Weil VPK Director/Kindergarten
Stephen Wheeler MS/HS History Teacher
Gabriella Woodburn Middle School Science Teacher

Instructional Aides

Dalenis Alvarado Teacher Aide
Shawna Bousquet Preschool/Ext School Aide
Katina Christakis Queen Teacher Assistant
Kenna Emanuel Teacher's Aide
Isabella Kincaid MS STEAM/Media Center Aide
Annalisa Mappala Teacher Aide
Delma Martinez K4/Elementary Aide
Ana Maria Maso K4 Teacher Aide
Michele Mirisola Teacher Assistant
Ayli Samila Monier Teacher Aide
Carey Norris Teacher Assistant/Student Aide
Erica Oliveira K4C Aide
Tanya Robertson Media Center & K4A Aide
Talia Schultz Elementary Aide

Office Staff

Joelle Azevedo Admin. Asst. to Admissions Dir
Mary Lou Baulo Business Office Assistant
Jamee Good Administrative Assist. LS/MS
Suzanna Johnston Adm. Asst. to HOS
Ruth Leon Admissions Assistant
Janelle Pughe Admissions/Marketing Assistant
Rose Shaffer HS Administrative Assistant
Michael Silva Business Office
Vanessa Small Admin to Asst. HOS/HS Prin.
Jody Smith Athletic Admin. Assistant
Tiffany Valvo Adm. Asst. Coord. Advancement
Melina Visser Front Office Assistant
Kristy Wheeler Registrar

Support Staff

Annie Beall High School Guidance Counselor
Amado (A.J.) Cedano Technology Assistant
Laura deWeber Curr/Accreditation Facilitator
Lindsay Grimm Business Office Support Staff
Joyce Langrod Early Childhood/Ext. School
Dianne McNeal Information Systems Coord.
Mabel Mojica Assistant Business Manager/HR
Roseangela Regal Dining Room Aide
Maria Saenz Extended Care/Dining Room Aide
Jim Van Bavel School Nurse
Michelle Van Bavel RN, Clinic
Joanne Wilson Webmaster

Transportation Staff

Richard Kincaid Transportation Coordinator

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