Faculty & Staff

Our faculty is made up of experienced educators who have a love for children and a passion for teaching. We invite you to read their biographies and discover their outstanding qualifications.


Alexandra Andreazza MS Steam Education
Tawnda Barker
Cathy Barnes MS Math
Peggy Barnhill HS Science
Ginny Braga PreK3
Gregory Bryant HS Science
Thais Culpepper Grade 5
Terry Davis Art
Joy Deak Steam Advocate
Debra Erikson Kindergarten
Vanessa Folkers K4
Nancy Free First Grade
Andrea Furtado Third Grade
Margarita Garlobo Spanish
Carolina Gonzalez Steam Education
Jim Good Assistant Athletic Director
Josh Good PE/Bible
Eve Good Fourth Grade
Luiza Goundry Grade 5/Gr.1-5 Asst. Supv.
Deborah Guerich K4
Caris Hage Elem. PE & MS Girls
Janice Hindle Third Grade
Anne Holly HS Robotics
Omayra Kincaid Kindergarten
Gabriella Lagomarsino Science
Hedley Linton HS Supervisor/Earth Science
Caitlyn Luke Second Grade
Norman Mockler HS Bible
April Oden MS English/French
Angela Pelletier HS Mathematics
Jeane Pompeu Music
Cecilia Quinn HS Chemistry & DE
Jake Rhodes Chaplain/ HS Bible
Lori Riter HS Guidance
Giselle Sanoja MS/HS Drama
Clay Shiver HS Social Studies
Ty Shiver LS Guidance/HS Psychology
Susan Stemper HS Mathematics
Robbin Swad English
Ruth Tennies Media Specialist
Eva Veloz Spanish/Science
Ruth Weil VPK Director
Jacob Wentworth Social Studies/Bible
Stephen Wheeler Social Studies
Kim Woodford K5-5th Supv./First Grade
Bev Zielske Student Services Supervisor

Instructional Aides

Mayda Alfieri Media Center Aide
Dalenis Alvarado Elementary Aide
Osmilda Bueno K3 Aide
Rebeca Cedano Elementary Aide
Kim Dolson Elementary Aide
Kenna Emanuel Elementary Aide
Mary Havener K4 Aide
Marianna Jane Media Center Aide
Isabella Kincaid Media Center Aide
Holly Lindquist Elementary Aide
Annalisa Mappala K4 Aide
Ana Maria Maso K4 Aide
Donna Miu K5 Aide
Susan Pletz Elementary Aide
Talia Schultz Elementary Aide
Luz Vargas Elementary Aide

Office Staff

Annie Beall HS Office Asst/Virtual LL
Jamee Good Adm. Asst. LS Prin/Stu. Serv.
Suzanna Johnston Adm. Asst. to HOS
Vanessa Small Adm. Asst. to HS Principal
Jody Smith Athletic Director's Assistant
Kelly Smith Adm. Asst. to Adm. Dir.
Tiffany Valvo Adm. Asst. Coord. Advancement
Kristy Wheeler Registrar

Support Staff

Shawna Bousquet E. C. Ext. School
Sandi Campbell Consultant to HOS Office
Cathy Carpinello MS Praise & Worship
Amando (A.J.) Cedano Technology Asst.
Laura deWeber Curr.Dev./Accred.Facilitator
Lindsay Grimm Business Office
Carolyn Johnson Writing/Curriculum Consultant
Joyce Langrod E. C. Ext. School
Ruth Leon Admissions Assistant/VPK Docs
Dianne McNeal Information Systems
Mabel Mojica Business Office
Carey Norris Office Assistant
Roseangela Regal Dining Room Aide
Maria Saenz Dining Room Aide
Michael Silva Business Off./Bus driver
Eileen Travasos Admissions Consultant
Jim VanBavel RN, Clinic
Michelle VanBavel RN, Clinic
Melina Visser Admissions Assistant
Joanne Wilson Website

Transportation Staff

Richard Kincaid Transportation Supervisor
Peter Mathieu Bus Driver
Michael Silva Business Off./Bus driver

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