Boca Christian
Which Paper Airplane Out of Seven Designs Flies the Farthest and Which the Longest?
Experiment by Jonathan, Grade 3
Third Place in the 2007/2008 Science Fair
Science Fair Project
The purpose of this project is to study which paper airplane out of 7 designs flies the farthest in distance and which stays in the air the longest.
1. Design "Straight and Narrow" will fly the farthest because it has the most streamlined design. Its straight and narrow body can help it fly straight and fast.
2. Either design "Breeze" or "Triumph" will stay in the air longest because they have short bodies and wide wings.
1. Fold and choose 7 airplanes out of 10 different designs.
2. Pick a starting point and choose a spacious area.
3. Take turns throwing the airplanes and record the time they stay in the air.
4. Measure the distance each one travels.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 five times.
Design "Straight and Narrow" flies the farthest because of its long and narrow body. Design "Triumph" stays in the air the longest because of its wide wings and short body.
The data supports the hypothesis.