Boca Christian
Wet Pop, Dry Pop
Experiment by Victoria, Grade 5
Entered in the 2001/2002 Science Fair
Science Fair Project
Does wet popcorn pop more than dry popcorn or will it pop at all?
Wet popcorn kernels will pop more than dry popcorn kernels.
Count out 300 popcorn kernels and place them in a 500 ml container.  Pour 200 ml of 24 degrees Celsius water into the container and soak the kernels for 18 hours.  Count another 300 popcorn kernels and place then in a separate 500 ml container.  Heat popcorn popper for 3 minutes.  Place 50 kernels of dry popcorn kernels in popper.  Let popcorn pop for 60 seconds.  Count popped and unpopped kernels and log findings.  Repeat 5 times using dry kernels and 5 times using wet kernels.
The wet kernels popped 12 more kernels than the dry popcorn in the combined total of all experiments.  The wet popcorn popped more than the dry, but the kernels were very small and could not be eaten.  The dry popped fewer kernels, but all of it could be eaten.
The hypothesis was correct and wet kernels popped more than dry kernels.