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Posted January 5, 2018

Cast and Directors,

This is an evolving schedule. Always check and double-check this page so that you are sure where and when you have to be. For new cast members, you must attend all rehearsals that have your character/group listed, no exceptions. Please inform Mrs. Clark, Mr. deWeber, AND your student director, Kendall, of ANY possible conflicts to the schedule as soon as you see them. Looking forward to next Monday!

Monday, January 29
Cold Read: Entire cast attends
Location: RAC B (deWeber’s room, where we had auditions)
Read through entire script and set pieces explanation for all cast

Tues Jan 30
Drama: 1.2 (Topher, Knights, Pageboys, Sebastian, Pinkleton, Ella, Marie, Jean-Michel)
Location: RAC B (deWeber)

Wed Jan 31
Music: Me Who Am I (Pageboys, Knights, Sebastian, Pinkleton, Topher)
Location: M4 (Sanoja-Poznak room) with Mrs. Poole 

Thu Feb 1
Dance with Stephanie: In My Own Little Corner (Cinderella); Drama: Scene 1.1 and 1. 3 (Knights, Pageboys, Topher, Sebastian, Jean-Michel, Pinkleton)
Location: RAC B
Fri Feb 2
Music: Pinkleton, Topher, Knights, Pageboys; (Me Who Am I; Call to Arms. Drama: 1.2 beginning with Cinderella March (Madame, Marie, Jean-Michele, Gabrielle, Charlotte, and Ella) AND Scene 1.5-beginning of 1.6 (Madame, Charlotte,  Ella, Gabrielle, Sebastian, Jean-Michele)
Locations: RAC B for Drama, M4 for Music
Mon Feb 5
Drama/Dance: Scene 1.4 The Prince is Giving a Ball/Now Is the Time – All chorus members who are in the cast (peasants), ballroom dancers, Jean-Michel, Ella, Gabrielle, Charlotte, Madame, Marie, Pinkleton
Location: RAC B 

Tues Feb 6
Drama: Scene 1.6 Transformations/Impossible (Ella, Marie, Fox, Raccoon, Production team also welcome)
Location: RAC B (deWeber)

Wed Feb 7
Music: “Little Corner” (Cinderella), “Stepsister’s Lament” (Ladies of the Court and Charlotte)
Location: M4 Thur

Feb 8
Drama/Dance: Scene 1.4 The Prince is Giving a Ball/Now Is the Time, continued  – All chorus members who are in the cast (peasants), ballroom dancers, Jean-Michel, Ella, Gabrielle, Charlotte, Madame, Marie, Pinkleton
Location: RAC B

Fri Feb 9
Music: Lovely Night Scene (Ella, Gabrielle, Charlotte, Madame)
Location: M4


Cast of Characters:

Ella: Anastasia Gavrilos
Understudy: Bella Leon

Topher: Daniel Chong

Marie: Eli Tortolini
Understudy: Christine Stepkin

Jean-Michel: Phil Dasilva

Gabrielle: Alison Bosworth
Understudy: Georgie Simonson

Charlotte: Amanda Gomes
Understudy: Hannah Youngblood

Madame: Theodora Oatmeyer
Understudy: Emma Vallely

Sebastian: Kevin Wiese

Lord Pinkleton: Emmanuel Guerrero

Ladies of the Court: Elena Bauer, Hannah Youngblood, Georgie Simonson, Nicole Cogger, Bella Leon, Lauren Donascimento, Emma Vallely, Christine Stepkin

Knights and Lords: Zacharie Ayotte, Matthew Costa, Pedro Morais, Jameson Soto, Kevin Kline, J.J. Levis, Nicholas Franca

Ballroom Dancers: Evelyn Mello, Sophie Josovitz, Amanda Ramirez

Page “Boys”:  Sarah Goundry, Hannah Youngblood, Georgie Simonson, Emma Vallely, Christine Stepkin, Elena Bauer, Kendall Clark, Bella Andreazza, Bianca Saravia

Fox who transforms into footman: Isabella Falcon
Raccoon who transforms into driver: Bella Andreazza

Act I Scene 4 Cameos:
Woman in Window: Georgie Simonson
Tall Woman: Elena Bauer
Strong Woman: Lauren Donascimento
Small Woman: Bella Leon
Shy Woman: Emma Vallely
Older Woman: Christine Stepkin
Younger Woman: Hannah Youngblood

Act I Scene 8 Cameos:
Lady of Ridicule: Elena Bauer
Lord: Jameson Soto
Lady: Christine Stepkin
Guest: Elena Bauer
Another Guest: Hannah Youngblood
Dignitary: Zacharie Ayotte
Duchess: Emma Vallely
Another Duchess: Lauren Donascimento
Yet Another Duchess: Nicole Cogger

Act II Scene 2:
Duke of Cheshire: Matthew Costa
Earl of Cavendish: Pedro Morais
Knights in Pursuit: Zacharie Ayotte, Jameson Soto, Kevin Kline, J.J. Levis, Nicholas Franca

Act II Scene 6: (Impoverished Artists and Friends)
Yvonne: Nicole Cogger
Sam: Jameson Soto
Claude: Matthew Costa
Edward: Zacharie Ayotte
Daphne: Sophie Josovitz
Abigail: Amanda Ramirez
Florence: Sarah Swad
Beatrice: Bella Andreazza
Charity: Sarah Goundry

Act II Scene 7:
“The Shoe” Officials: Zach Ayotte and Jameson Soto
Shoe Try-On #1: Sophie Josovitz
Shoe Try-On #2: Sarah Swad
Shoe Try-On #3: Emma Vallely


Directors: Eric deWeber and Lisa Clark

Music Director and Transforming Costume Builder: Mrs. Joy Poole

Technical Director: Mr. Les Wilson

Costumes: Mrs. Anne Bosworth

Props and Thespian Troupe Sponsor: Mrs. Giselle Sanoja

Choreography: Miss Stephanie Burklin

Student Director: Kendall Clark

Assistant Technical Director: Cole Barker

Prop Assistant: Evangelia Gavrilos

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