Rehearsal Schedule: Cast of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Cast

Posted January 20, 2019

*SPECIAL NOTE: Cast list has been updated. (February 11, 2019)

All rehearsals, unless posted differently, will be from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The location of the rehearsal may change, so please double check the website every day! Please communicate all conflicts ASAP with Mrs. Clark AND Mr. deWeber.

February 18, Monday- No School

February 19, Tuesday- Drama, In RAC B. Scene 7, Bank Scene. Jane, Poppins, Michael, Clerks, Miss Smythe, Chaiman (JJ Levis), George, All other Clerks, including Matt C. and Max H., Von Hussler, Northbrook

February 20, Wednesday- Music, in Chapel: Bank scene (EVERYONE who is listed above for Feb. 19) George Bank’s other solos, Brimstone (Miss Andrew, Jane, Michael, Mary), Feed the Birds (Mary, Bird Woman). Bank clerks/board and chairman should be finished by 4:15pm.

February 21, Thursday-Drama, In RAC B. Scene 8 and Scene 9, Bird Woman, Michael, Jane, Poppins, Bert, Miss Lark, Mrs. Corry, Annie, Fannie… No chorus.  FULL CAST COSTUME MEASURING! Full Cast needs to come and be measured by Mrs. Bosworth. Measuring will be done in Mrs. Sanoja’s room.

February 22, Friday- Dance in RAC B: Mrs. Poole and Miss Burklin together. Jolly Holiday Ensemble, (see cast list) plus Neleus, Jane, Michael, Mary P, and Bert. Mrs. Poole may pull vocalists throughout rehearsal.

February 25, Monday- Drama in RAC B: Scene 10, Bert, Brill, Robertson Ay, Winifred, George, Jane, Michael, Poppins

February 26, Tuesday- Vocal in the Chapel: Step in Time

February 27, Wednesday- Vocal in the Chapel: Anything Can Happen and Bows

February 28, Thursday- Drama in RAC B: Scene 11 and Scene 12, Michael, Jane, Poppins, Bert, Brill

March 1, Friday- Dance and vocal in RAC B: Jolly Holiday Ensemble and Singers


Mary Poppins: Hannah Youngblood (Victoria Crino Understudy)
Bert: Emmanuel Guerrero (Andrew Manning Understudy)
Winnifred Banks: Theodora Oatmeyer (Juliana Egan Understudy)
George Banks: Matt Costa
Jane Banks: Emma Vallely (Veronica Villalobos Understudy)
Michael Banks: Gabe Costa
Mrs. Brill: Christine Stepkin
Robertson Ay: Zach Ayotte
Miss Andrew: Nicole Cogger
Mrs. Corry: Lauren Donascimento
Bird Woman: Bella Leon
Nelius: Georgie Simonson
Miss Lark: Christa Clark
Katie Nanna: Victoria Crino
Annie: Sarah Goundry
Fannie: Bella Andreazza
Mrs. Smythe: Juliana Egan
Doorwoman: Juliana Egan
Park Statues: Julia Petley, Hannah Sherman, Raphaela Charvet
Park Keeper: Matt Clines
Constable: Max Herbst
Chairman of the Board: J.J. Levis
Admiral Boom: Andrew Manning
Northbrook: Andrew Manning
Van Hussler: Daniel Salisbury
Delivery Esquire: Bianca Saravia
Poseidon: Joel Shiver

Bank Clerks/Board:
Max Herbst
Matt Clines
Juliana Egan
Julia Petley
Raphaela Charvet
Sarah Goundry
Bianca Saravia

Jolly Holiday Ensemble:
Brenda Coelho
Faith Petley
Bella Andreazza
Andrew Manning
Matthew Clines
Daniel Salisbury
Victoria Crino
Lauren Donascimento
Bella Leon
Veronica Villalobos
Nicole Cogger

Step in Time Ensemble:
Brenda Coelho
Bella Andreazza
Milena Azevedo
Georgie Simonson
Bella Silvers
Christa Clark
Juliana Egan
Victoria Crino
Andrew Manning
Isabella Falcone
Daniel Salisbury
Veronica Villalobos

Anything Can Happen Chimney Sweeps:
Brenda Coehlo
Milena Azevedo
Bella Silvers
Victoria Crino
Daniel Salisbury
Veronica Villalobos
Isabella Falcone

Anything Can Happen Ensemble (in addition to named cast members in script):
Bianca Saravia
Bella Andreazza
Raphaela Charvet
Hannah Shermon
Faith Petley

Student Director: Evangelia Gavrilos
Stage Manager: Victoria Fonseca

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