What is "Add to my calendar" ?

If you use a calendar/scheduling program such as Microsoft Outlook, Palm Desktop, LotusNotes, or iCal, clicking the "Add to my calendar" link will add the event you're viewing directly into your program as a calendar event. All you need is for your calendar program to support the vCal format and your browser setup to automatically pass the event to your program. If you use categories, the event will be added to your calendar under category BRCS.

Most, but not all, calendar programs support the vCal format. Double check your program's manual or ask the program's manufacturer. Your browser should automatically be setup to handle the vCal format. If not, you can add this description to your browser's MIME type settings:

Description: vCalendar File
Extension: .vcs
MIME type: text/x-vCalendar
How to handle: View with Application
Application: (Select your calendar program)

Or, you can simply open your calendar program and import the downloaded file.

Users of Palm Desktop: Due to an error in the Palm Desktop program, vCal events in the next Daylight Savings time period will be one hour off. (For example, if it is now August and you add a December event, the time will show up 1 hour later in Palm Desktop.) To circumvent this problem, wait until Daylight Savings Time changes before adding events in the next period, or add the event now and manually correct the time in Palm Desktop.

Users of Outlook/Entourage for Macintosh: Outlook and Entourage do not support the vCal format, but they do support the iCal format. Follow the link at the top of the page for Mobile/iCal/RSS.