Boca Christian


Computer labStudents need to learn how technology can help them organize and understand the flood of information accessible today. They need to learn how to communicate in the multiple media presently available.

Current research indicates that the use of technology impacts learning in a positive way when it is integrated into the various subject areas and not used in isolation.

We desire that students:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in using technology.
  • Understand ethical issues related to the use of technology.
  • Use technology tools to enhance learning.
  • Use a variety of media to communicate information and ideas.
  • Use technology as a research tool.
  • Use technology as a problem- solving tool.


Grades K-5

Computer lab

Teachers introduce students to various forms of hardware and software as it naturally applies to what they are learning. Classes have access to the lab for whole group instruction or use their classroom computers to carry out assigned tasks.




Middle School

Computer lab

Middle school students receive formal instruction in the computer center. They are introduced to application software such as Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Scratch, and coding; they create multimedia presentations using PowerPoint; they are trained in the safe use of the Internet.




High School


Technology is a key feature of the high school program. In our desire to provide students with cutting edge opportunities that will help equip them for the future, Boca Raton Christian School provides laptops to all tenth through twelth grade students. The tenth grade computer applications course extends what students have learned in middle school and includes an online learning opportunity.