Boca Christian
Elementary Grades 1-2

The BRCS Elementary Program places a strong emphasis on mastery and application of basic skills while also providing enrichment and remedial activities to help each child experience success.  Additionally, the elementary program offers many activities beyond the basics to minister to the whole child such as music, art, physical education, and library skills.  Each subject is taught from a Christian perspective with special times set aside for Bible instruction and chapel.

Reading Program

Reading WAllBRCS students are divided into three competitive sections for extra-curricular reading. Numbers of books and pages are tabulated throughout the year to encourage reading and to determine the winning team and individual prize winners. Books read since the beginning of the school year and during the summer from the BRCS Suggested Summer Reading List count in the Theme Reading Program Contest.  After your child has read a book, ask him/her two comprehension questions and fill out the verification form / green sheet.  Your child's book equivalent total will be added to the schoolwide total for your child's team.

The reading program is also supplemented with Scholastic Reading Counts, a reading comprehension software program for grades 1-5. If a student reads a book on the Scholastic Reading Counts list and successfully completes the computer test (which must be taken at the school), then parents need not ask the comprehension questions about the book.
Elementary PE

Mrs. Alpert

P.E. is taught to grades one through five twice a week.
A second grader works on reading.
International Day
International Day
On International Day, Grade 2 tasted foods from around the world and dressed up in native costumes.