Boca Christian
A Word from the Headmaster

HeadmasterThank you for visiting our website. I trust that as you explore the site, you will observe in every photograph and phrase that we are striving to lift up our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and because we want Christ to be at the pinnacle of what we do at Boca Raton Christian School, we endeavor to promote academic excellence and individual success for each child walking through our doors. As you will see on the philosophy page, providing a Biblical perspective in all areas of academics, working as a team with parents, promoting academic excellence, and meeting the needs of the whole child are at the heart of what we're about at Boca Raton Christian School.

It has been exciting to see God bless BRCS.  From its inception in 1973, the school has grown and a high school was added in 1999. It has been inspiring to see how God has used this school to bring children to Himself and provide a strong Christian presence in the academic arena of Boca Raton. We give Him all the glory!

In Christ,

Robert Tennies, Ed.D.